Electronic Statement Application

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I understand that I will no longer receive paper statements for deposit and loan accounts from Western Sun Federal Credit Union via the United States Postal Service.

I understand that this agreement does not apply to my Western Sun Federal Credit Union Visa Credit Card; I will still receive billing notices via first class mail for that account.

I have the appropriate software and hardware necessary to access my Western Sun Federal Credit Union statements electronically via the Internet.

I understand that it is my responsibility to retrieve my account transaction information through Internet Banking.

I understand that all disclosures regarding my account will be available on the credit union's website (www.wsfcu.com) and the e-statement log-in page.

I understand that I can revoke this agreement and begin receiving paper statements at any time by notifying the credit union.

By accepting, I understand that my information will be submitted and that I will begin receiving e-Statements from Western Sun Federal Credit Union: