Concho Educators Federal Credit Union
Electronic Statement Disclosure and Agreement


By accepting this agreement, you consent and agree that we may provide your periodic statements electronically and you will no longer receive a paper statement.All future statements will be electronic unless you revoke consent and convert back to paper statements.


In order to receive an electronic statement, you must provide us with your e-mail address.If you change your e-mail address, you must notify us of the change in order to receive future electronic statements and you must include your old e-mail address.


You have the right to receive a paper copy of any of your periodic statements if applicable law specifically requires us to provide such documentation.A statement fee of $3 per statement may apply.To request a paper copy of a statement, call or write to us at:


Concho Educators Federal Credit Union

P.0. Box 3468

San Angelo, Texas76902



You may withdraw your consent and revoke your agreement to receive statements electronically at any time.To withdraw your consent and discontinue receiving your statements electronically, you must contact us at the above address.Should consent be revoked, your next statement will be a paper statement.


Concho Educators requires a minimum of ten (10) business days notice prior to the processing of your next statement in order to convert from electronic statements to paper statements or from paper statement to electronic statements.





In order for you to access and retain statement records, your system must meet the following requirements:

7        Internet Access

7        An Internet Browser (Windows Explorer or Netscape Navigavitor)

7        Adobe Acrobat Reader (Version 4.0 or higher with the Following System Requirements for the Adobe PDF files:

o       Intel Pentium Processor

o       Microsoft Windows 95, 98 SE, Millennium, NT 4.0 SP5, 2000, or XP

7        64 MB of RAM

7        24 MB of Available Hard-Disk Space

7        Additional 70 MB of Hard-Disk Space for Asian Fonts (optional)


To print or download disclosures, you must have a printer connected to your PC or sufficient hard drive space available to save the disclosure.Your statements will be available by the 10th of the month.


We will e-mail you monthly or quarterly (checking is processed monthly and savings, loans, and certificates are processed quarterly) once the statements are available.If the e-mail notification comes back to us as undeliverable, we will attempt to contact you by phone to obtain a good e-mail address.If we are unable to contact you by phone, we will mail you a paper statement and you will automatically be removed from the electronic statement process.If you are a first time viewer, you must log-in and accept the online disclosure.If you do not check your on-line statements within 30 days of being notified, we will send another e-mail notifying you that your electronic statement is available.If you have not checked your on-line statement within 60 days of being notified, we will we will mail you a paper statement and you will automatically be removed from the electronic statement process.


To agree to the disclosures and receive your periodic statement electronically and no longer receive a paper statement, click on the Accept Button below.If you do not agree and wish to continue to receive paper statement, click on the Do Not Accept Button below.